Maple Smoked Tofu Strips

This recipe is a bit more advanced; it takes some careful timing and attention. But the end result is worth it, so flavourful and meaty.  You’ll need: Two blocks of Hard tofu (the harder the better) A splash of Balsamic vinegar A squirt of Soya sauce A dribble of Liquid smoke A squirt of Lemon… Continue reading Maple Smoked Tofu Strips

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How to make maple syrup in 3 easy steps

I learned how to tap maple trees two years ago thanks to my friends Steve and Lisa McBride of the Mobile Goat Homestead. It’s one of my favourite end-of-winter activities, and the fact that this un-tapped resource (pun intended) is just chilling out in the maple trees all around us is super cool. With these… Continue reading How to make maple syrup in 3 easy steps


The Hidden Facebook Page Growth Trick (plus 4 other tips) [updated]

Part of what I do for a living (and for fun) is manage a variety of Facebook Pages and Groups. I believe that Facebook can be a super effective way to spread messages and grow a community, and through my years of trial and error I’ve learned a few tips and tricks (including one hidden… Continue reading The Hidden Facebook Page Growth Trick (plus 4 other tips) [updated]


Soylent Review: The Future of Food?

So I ordered a box of 12 Soylent Original to try out since I’ve heard so much about it and was itching to give it a shot. It arrived today! Initial thoughts First off, I love the packaging and branding. The whole aesthetic is super modern and “Ikea-esque” which appeals to me. I’m the kind of… Continue reading Soylent Review: The Future of Food?


TVP Tacos

I was feeling inspired by my friend Kelsey of Labellesslife.com‘s recent post on ten minute tacos so I decided to create my own using TVP.  Instructions: Put TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) and canned kidney beans in a frying pan with a good amount of water so that there is still some water showing after its absorbed. … Continue reading TVP Tacos


Toronto Vegan Grand Tour

My amazing wife Skye got me a trip to Toronto for my birthday present this year so that we could visit all the vegan restaurants and stores (and see Louis CK perform at the Air Canada Centre). Here’s how it went! Day 1: Okay, this was actually the night before Day 1, but I had… Continue reading Toronto Vegan Grand Tour