Grilled Cinnamon Toast PB Banana Sandwich

img_2467I love it when I have enough time in the morning to take my time and prepare a delicious brunch. Now I have the energy to tackle the day!


  1. Put vegan margarine and cinnamon on one side of two pieces of bread.
  2. Spread peanut butter on non-margarine side and stick banana slices to the pb
  3. Heat up sandwich on a frying pan on high heat for a minute or two on both sides.
    • You don’t need to fry it too much, so better to err on the side of caution
      • Disclaimer: I did set off the smoke detector once while making this
  4. Garnish with fruit and a fresh smoothie.
    • I picked up some fancy passionfruit, dragonfruit, and a papaya for this breakfast. I also made a simple grapefruit and lime smoothie that turned out delicious.
  5. (optional) Drizzle agave nectar on top for some added sweetness (not that it needs it).
  6. Enjoy!

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