Why kale is the best

img_2484Kale is the *ultimate* cold climate green. I mean, just look at that badass brassica! I took this picture in the middle of winter on January 15th in our backyard garden. Still some leaves to harvest, after being covered in snow and ice for weeks! I then proceeded to steam them for supper along with some home-grown quinoa that I had hanging over the sink.

Probably my last home-grown meal from last season’s backyard harvest. The kale was absolutely delicious! I steamed it and ate it without adding any flavours and it had the perfect mix of sweet and savoury taste and firm crunch. It even has this unique buttery aftertaste that’s quite pleasant. I could literally eat it every day and never get bored of it.

The home-grown quinoa was a bit bitter, I must not have rinsed away the saponin enough. Learned that lesson for next time! Looking forward to planning my garden for the spring!

So in conclusion, kale rocks my socks and I plan to always give it lots of space in my garden.

Want to grow some kale yourself? Order seeds here.


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