The Hidden Facebook Page Growth Trick (plus 4 other tips) [updated]

Part of what I do for a living (and for fun) is manage a variety of Facebook Pages and Groups. I believe that Facebook can be a super effective way to spread messages and grow a community, and through my years of trial and error I’ve learned a few tips and tricks (including one hidden one) that I’m excited to share with you all:

1. The Hidden Trick

Okay once you’ve read this one you can honestly move on. I’m not going to clickbait you or make you read a bunch of other content before getting to the real meaty stuff. I’ll include a few other tips but this one is the best, most under-utilized one I’ve discovered, and the most effective.

Did you know that a large proportion of people who like your posts haven’t liked your page yet? Did you know that there’s a super easy way to directly invite each of these potential fans to like your page? Here’s how:

When scrolling through your posts, click on where it shows the names of the people who liked the post, and it will bring up a full list:

That list also includes buttons to the right showing if each person has already liked your page, has been invited, or has yet to be invited. If they’re in the third category, smash that “Invite” button!

Since I discovered this trick, I’ve found a much higher rate of page growth across all my pages, since these people are already familiar with your page and might not even know that they haven’t liked your page yet. They’re primed and ready to become engaged fans! You can even go back right now and do this for your previous posts. I did and got a good 200+ new likes from about 30 minutes of clicking.

See, you’ve got to picture these potential fans like flies, buzzing around your spider web. Once they like a post you’ve shared, they’ve stuck themselves on your web, and it’s up to you to either crawl over to them and take full advantage, or keep ignoring them so they unstick themselves and get away.

Bonus tip: This also kind of works for Instagram posts, but instead of inviting the “post likers” to follow you, you have to follow them first, which then prompts them to like you back with a notification. Note: This only works if you don’t mind cluttering up your Insta feed, or unfollowing afterwards (which I think is a bit taboo).

That’s it! Now, if that’s all you came here for, move along, because you probably already know these next few tips.

[Update]: Apparently this trick only works for pages with less than 100,000 likes. Also, it seems that some people get an “add friend” button instead, either because their app isn’t updated or this feature hasn’t been rolled out to their account yet. 

2. Get that initial like pool

Hands down, the hardest part of setting up a new Facebook page is getting those first few likes. It’s pretty disheartening to be putting out all this great content and getting 1-2 likes max. That’s why I always recommend that people take the 45 minutes to invite their entire friends list to like their page.

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t want to seem to spammy” or “Isn’t it better to only invite people who are interested in the content”? But those worries aside, and trust me. Once you get those initial few dozen likes from generous friends, it’ll be much easier to start getting more likes and shares, and a true following will start to build.

3. Don’t be afraid to repeat similar posts

Most people already know that only like 5% of your fans see each post you make. I don’t know the exact percentage, but it’s really small. That’s because of Facebook’s algorithms which are set up to prevent spamming, which makes sense. Because of this, you should get the idea out of your head that you can only post about the same thing once. Maybe it’s the other 5% that are interested in this particular topic, and they didn’t even get to see it!

One of my favourite pages on Facebook is The Same Photo of Jeff Goldblum Every day, which posts exactly what its name implies, and that’s it. And guess what, that same photo gets between 8,000-12,000 likes every. single. day. Not even joking, check it out for yourself. It’s surreal, and it proves my point.


4. Create an unbranded Facebook Group

Now this tip might only work for certain pages, and I may have lucked out with mine, but I’ve found it to be a fantastic way to foster engagement and sneak in a product recommendation or two.

For the local seed and gardening store The Seed Company by E.W. Gaze whose Page I manage, I created a Facebook Group called Backyard Vegetable Farmers NL which now has over 3,000 members and daily discussions about gardening problems, advice, and inspiration. Not only is it the perfect place to share our posts about new products and services, it’s also a great spot to steal quality content to share from our Page. Which leads me to my last tip:

5. Steal content

Okay, maybe it’s not quite stealing, but the point here is that you don’t need to always come up with your own content. Some of my most popular posts from the Pages I manage have been shared memes, videos, etc. from other related pages that I found interesting and worth sharing with that Page’s audience.

And as long as you don’t pretend you created it yourself, there’s really nothing wrong with it. And as Mark Twain once said, “There is no such thing as a new idea”.

That’s it for my tips! Hope you learned something new. If you have any other tips, I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Jackson Kale McLean

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