Turnip Fries

Today I made some homemade turnip fries with a smoky tomato/apple chutney dip. It's an easy way to make turnip more interesting and fun! Instructions: Pre-head oven to 350º Cut turnip into fry shapes Put the fried on a pan and sprinkle some salt, spices, and oils/vinegars Cook them as long as it takes to get … Continue reading Turnip Fries


Grilled Cinnamon Toast PB Banana Sandwich

I love it when I have enough time in the morning to take my time and prepare a delicious brunch. Now I have the energy to tackle the day! Instructions: Put vegan margarine and cinnamon on one side of two pieces of bread. Spread peanut butter on non-margarine side and stick banana slices to the pb Heat … Continue reading Grilled Cinnamon Toast PB Banana Sandwich

Smoked Tempeh Sandwich

Late night feeeeed: smoked tempeh sandwich with vegan mozzarella, tomatoes, and cucumber. So satisfying. Instructions: Stack bread, smoked tempeh, tomato, cucumber, vegan mozza cheese (I used Earth Island), bread, more vegan mozza. Broil in the oven for a minute or so, until the cheese has melted. I put one corner sticking out on the side … Continue reading Smoked Tempeh Sandwich

Turnip Blossom

My latest culinary creation: the turnip blossom. The petal design really helps it soak up all the flavours! Instructions: Cut the turnip in a rose pattern starting at the edge and moving towards the middle (see photo below to see what it looked like) Pour the flavours into the cracks. I used balsamic vinegar, soy … Continue reading Turnip Blossom

Jalapeño poppers

Jalapeño poppers with vegenaise/avocado filling - delish! Instructions: Cut jalapeno peppers in half length-ways and place on a tray. Careful not to touch your eyes with your hands until they're washed! Blend up vegenaise with some avocados and spice to taste. Put the filling in each half pepper and top with olives or raisins and … Continue reading Jalapeño poppers