Turnip Blossom

My latest culinary creation: the turnip blossom. The petal design really helps it soak up all the flavours! Instructions: Cut the turnip in a rose pattern starting at the edge and moving towards the middle (see photo below to see what it looked like) Pour the flavours into the cracks. I used balsamic vinegar, soy … Continue reading Turnip Blossom


Jalapeño poppers

Jalapeño poppers with vegenaise/avocado filling - delish! Instructions: Cut jalapeno peppers in half length-ways and place on a tray. Careful not to touch your eyes with your hands until they're washed! Blend up vegenaise with some avocados and spice to taste. Put the filling in each half pepper and top with olives or raisins and … Continue reading Jalapeño poppers

Introduction and Welcome

I created this blog to share my three main passions with the world; eating vegan food, growing veggies, and exploring wellness. I post a lot of food I make on my Instagram page, and have created two facebook groups, nl vegans and Backyard Vegetable Farmers NL where I get to engage with other like-minded folk. This will … Continue reading Introduction and Welcome